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Good-Guy Games, welcome you to the broken world of Simple Metro. Experience the Story a direct 90's style adventure, featuring over 5 guns, Missiles, Super Missiles, 2 kinds of Bombs, and a few new Suits, because the 90's were stylish after all.

Join together with up to 3 friends and as you explore, and triumph in BR combat as you outsmart  9 other squads in a brutal fight to the surface. Enjoy couch split screen with an array of fun game types and get the game you want with rule refinement.  Plus an all new "Mode" for all you high score junkies, shoot the baddies, find the goal, beat the clock, get the "High score baby!".


Twenty-five years before the mysterious explosion that fell the Moon to the Earth, Rocky—chosen from the nation’s best and brightest is sent to figure out why the moons atmosphere turned sulphuric, but uncovers something more disturbing than he or anyone on Earth could possibly imagine.



Simple Metro Base Game


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Early Access Delayed

We have decided to delay Early Access until further notice to address quality concerns and to round out the features in the game.  Thank You for your support.

Mar 17, 2022

Hot Fix Incoming

After realizing we left a bad piece of code in our last build we are releasing a Hot fix ASAP to correct this issue, it will be out in the wild in a days time.  Thanks to all who have purchased our game before release. We promise to keep updating until our dream is fully realized.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, GoodGuyGames dev team.

Feb 11, 2022

Ah Jeeze!

So, we have been working hard getting the next huge update ready, expect a better working grapple, backgrounds, and just more game feel.  We know we are an ugly game, but that is only temporary, so have faith and we will surprise even the most stingy of critics.  Or not depending on what our staff psychic has to say about it.  

Nov 13, 2021