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Good Guy Games is a small team which is committed to bringing you fun, high quality games for years to come.  We strive on constantly creating and hope to make many future Award-Winning titles.  We take pride in our community engagement and will always take our fans ideas into consideration.  Our Creators are dedicated to making authentic feeling games that will grow as we grow as developers.  We know will soon earn a Reputation of devotion to our fans and dedication to fun and quality games.

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Simple Metro


Mankind has learned to travel easily within our own solar system and through new technology man has terraformed the moon.  Life is good,  we have not know war since the end of the 22nd century.  

But everything we know changes when a mysterious explosion beneath the moons surface causes the Moons atmosphere to turn sulphuric.  Within hours, the Moon colonies are deserted, and whatever or whoever caused the explosion is working tirelessly to reclaim the cavernous tunnels of the Moon.






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Vernon BC

Good Guy Games is located in beautiful Vernon which is nestled in the Okanagan Valley.  Vernon is the North Okangans Hub for Sports, Music, History and food.  From our award winning restaurants, or our world class ski resort , no matter what your taste there's always something to enjoy in Vernon BC.



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Vernon, B.C. V1T-6R7

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